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Erfi instruments
The most comprehensive program of 19" plug-in device system Erfi instruments are the result of more than 50 years of research work, development and production. They are the representative for the range of electronic products made by erfi and 3 device systems linked with it.

Acto - The new powerful insert plate system
A special feature of this tightly arranged basic system is the low installation height (113 mm) and the low installation depth. The system is suitable in equal measure for laboratory, assembly and training equipment. The width of the devices depends on the 19" partial plug-in technology. (7 module widths, 1 module width = 508 mm).For high packing densities the system is combinable with the 19" device systems.

Industrial test systems

Highlab - 19" device system of excellent design and extraordinary good functionality

The professional 19" device system highlab is characterised in particular by its high-grade design and its extraordinarily good operating concept. Several design prizes were awarded to this system.

Sandwich design: The front of the device is of sandwich design. On a solid mounting plate all operating and display elements are installed. The attached graphic front panel ensures the flush installation. Due to the sandwich design the modern operating elements can be so designed that no caps or other components can be removed or damaged. This is of special advantage in the field of training. (Safety feature against vandalism!)

Graphic operating interfaces:

The graphic panel is made according to the Seo-photo-process which means the inscription is absolutely abrasion-proof and embedded underneath the anodised layer. Additional grid patterns allow an unequalled, high-grade and well structured front panel.

Basic - 19" device system - The alternative in design

Basic follows also the principle of the 19" insert technique. Each highlab device is also available in the basic design line. basic differs from highlab by its front panel, design and operating elements. The circuit technology is identical. The system is characterised in particular by its mechanically high-grade, smooth surface. The smooth surface is dirt-repellent. Due to a special two-layer paint finish and the multi-component print, the surfaces of the front panel are highly resistant against shocks, scratches and chemical stress. The thus obtained surface quality is clearly superior to any screen printing method.

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