Automobile Manufacturing

Safety and comfort are two key features in modern day electronic components of the automotive industry. Sensors, actuators, control modules and distributed systems, along with the associated control boards, circuitry, bus systems, and the embedded software driving all of them are all key electronic components that have to go through stringent tests before their production begins.

Messung Erfi's testing & measuring equipments find their applications in the automobile industry for making your journey pleasurable and safe.


EMS companies provide a variety of manufacturing services, including design, assembly and testing all of which require fast accurate testing & measuring equipment for sensor testing, switch system, switch board, reverse camera testing,PCB contract manufacturing load testing and manufacturing error testing.

Messung Erfi's testing & measuring equipments find their unique applications in the EMS industry for their various testing processes.

Educational Institutes

Various laboratories that have Electronic trainer & kits, electronic lab equipments, analog trainer, Microwave test benches and digital lab trainers etc. require testing. This is facilitated by testing and measuring equipment of required calibrations.

Messung Erfi's testing & measuring equipments find their applications in the educational institutes for their various testing.


Electronic testing applications in this sector includes reliability testing and life testing, temperature cycling and humidity, thermal shock, vibration testing and corrosion testing to meet various IEC, JEDEC, MIL-STD and other consumer product test standards.

Messung Erfi's testing & measuring equipments ensure that all the strictest norms are met for the various testing processes

Consumer Durables

White goods (TV, fridge, washing machine, etc.) manufacturing companies route their appliances through stringent tests to adhere to quality control norms. The OK sticker labeled on them after going through these tests make them ready for the market.

Messung Erfi's testing & measuring equipments play a stellar role in this sector for guaranteeing their safety and convenience for household use.

Wound Products

The test categories for wound components comprise of AC/DC hipot test, IR test, IWT (Impulse Winding Test) and DCR (DC Resistance). Accurate Testing & Measuring equipment can perform safety tests on wound components like motors, transformers and solenoid valves to verify their quality and ratings.

Messung Erfi's testing & measuring equipment find their applications in wound products industry for their various testing processes.

The key factor here that comes to play is the weight carrying capacity of the elneos series work benches which starts from 600kg onwards