CANclass Compact Tester

Confirming with European Testing Standards

Test Device series for fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual safety testing.

State-of-the-art testing technology for manufacturers of machinery, control cabinets, plants and electrical appliances

Mobile Compact Tester combined with the new CANmobiles

Combined with the modern CANmobile device carriages, the new Compact Tester family CANclass results in the optimum solution for mobile application in production environments.

The intelligent control of the CANclass Compact Tester

The modern control center is used to program all inspection plans and it controls the test procedures. All information required appears on the communication display. Following tests can be performed:

  • Protective conductor test
  • High voltage test
  • Functional test
  • Insulation test
  • Leakage current test
  • Relay matrix
System Testing Test Systems

Performance Features

  • Free programming of all parameters for protective conductor, insulation, high-voltage, leakage current and functional testing. Protocolling via integrated serial interface RS232 and CAN bus. IEEE bus interface optionally available.
  • Protocolling via integrated serial interface RS232 and CAN bus. IEEE bus interface optionally available.
  • Ramp Operation: Rising and falling ramp can be freely programmed independently and separately. (No spikes destroying the test devices)
  • Integrated contact monitoring by minimum current monitoring.
  • Electronically generated high-voltage: Finest resolution stepping allows very soft ramp operation Very fast high-voltage fluctuations up to 7000 V/s can likewise be generated.
  • Protective conductor test up to 30 A
    The high performance allows long connecting cables to be used for protective conductor testing and thereby permits to test large devices or test objects located at a distance without performance loss.
Automatic Test Systems
  • High voltage test AC and DC
    AC 0 to 5kV, DC 0 to 7 kV
  • Insulation test up to 1000 V and 1 G
  • Alphanumeric test schedule management

Combining with world-class test software CANDY

  • Ideal for PC users with minimum to high data volume
  • Integration into proprietary program directories or into LABView possible
  • The new CANDY software displays all data required for high-voltage, insulation, protective conductor, leakage current and functional testing. All ranges are automatically scaled and shown in colour.
Automatic Test Equipments

Virtual Programing
with the new erfi test software

Programmable Workstation Table

of measured values by

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